• Japan

    Visiting Japan during a global pandemic is one of my weirdest experiences ever. The circumstances could have been much more ideal, but it was a real adventure. We've faced a typhoon, we got lost infinite times, we were in awe of the cultural differences, hypnotized by the big city neon lights and totally in love with the country's gastronomy and rich culture. And as weird as it seems, the thing I will miss the most is their conbini, tiny supermarkets with every little wonderful thing you could imagine, open 24/7 and always at a convenient distance.
    During two weeks we visited Tokyo, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto, each of them with their particular character and rhythm of life. Tokyo, a vibrant, modern city. Osaka, the food capital of the country. Nara, full of nature and really peaceful. And Kyoto, where tradition meets culture. Without a doubt, Japan is a country of great contrasts and it's something you note from the first moment you set your foot on it. It's noisy, full of people and neon lights, everyone seems in a hurry, but at the same time it's incredibly organised, clean and with the most polite, respectful people you will ever meet.